Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg-less Salad...Vegan Egg Salad

I made a couple of hard boiled eggs for a garnish for my creamed spinach over at The Vegan Version...and of course I only needed one for the spinach...

...these are so fun and so easy to make...

...they slice and chop up just fine...sort of like real...

...looks real...doesn't it?...

...freaky real...

...anywhooo...I just added a little bit of vegenaise and regular prepared mustard...

...plopped it onto a nice couple of slices of French bread...and topped it with some baby arugula... was so perfect...

...You should try it and fool your friends...I've made 'egg salad' with tofu before...but it didn't fool anybody...I think this seriously would...

Vegan Egg-less Salad

For the 'egg'-white:
Mix 1 teaspoon of agar agar powder in a couple of Tablespoons of water and let stand for 5 minutes. In a small saucepan mix together 1/4 cup soy creamer and 1/4 cup soymilk. Whisk in 1 Tablespoon flour. Cook for a few minutes - it makes a sort of gravy - it should just coat a spoon - not too thick. Then stir in the agar and water mixture and cook for a minute more.

For the 'egg'-yolk:
Cook a small potato. I just microwaved mine but any way you want to cook it is probably OK - if you're boiling it don't peel it first - you want it to be kinda dry. Once it's done just mash it up with a little bit of turmeric - just a sprinkle and a sprinkle of mustard powder as well - just until it's the colour you want. Form it into little balls about 1 inch across.

To assemble:

Pour a couple of spoonfuls of the 'egg'-white mixture into a mold - I used an egg shaped spoon - but I'm going to try this again with one of Scout's old Easter eggs as a mold - plop your 'egg'-yolk in the middle and then spoon on a little bit more of the 'egg'-white mixture - leave it to set up - it will get quite firm. You can see more of the process on the Poached Eggs post here...I just made the 'egg'-whites firmer for these hard boiled ones... that was lunch...

...then because we were sick for St. Patrick's day...

...we had our Irish meal for supper...first I made my vegan Kielbasa sausages - super easy to make...and sausages are always fun...

...I must have stuffed them too tightly - or used cheap aluminum foil - because they burst open...oh well...

...we made some vegan Colcannon and soda bread...there was also some fried cabbage - I don't know why it's not in the picture... was so good - and I'm so thankful that everyone was well enough to enjoy it...


  1. I'm impressed with your eggless eggs and they do look so real. I'm not sure I have the patience though for this hardcore veganism. It requires so much effort to make things look like the real thing but you sure do a wonderful job it.

  2. That is the neatest thing! I find myself leaning more toward the vegan way of eating so please keep these posts coming!

  3. Those 'eggs' do look great!

    I didn't realise you had all been ill - I hope you are all feeling better now.

  4. wow, that is wild that the egg salad looks that "real"!


    love, k

  5. Yum! This looks very good. :D

  6. Your eggs surely look real. I'm sure they taste good too. Glad you are all better. MOM

  7. That egg looks amazing! Would be nice for April Fools' Day....hmmm...

  8. Those 'eggs' look amazing! I am so impressed. I love making bean sausages. We planning some kind of hominy, sausage casserole smothered in gravy for tomorrow night :)

  9. Wow! That really looked like an egg. I had to read twice to see that it wasn't. :-) The egg salad looks delish!

  10. I had to do a double take on the eggless egg - it looks so real.

    Your Irish dinner looks so good. Yum!

    Hope you are all better!

  11. Your egg salad looks really good!