Monday, March 07, 2011


Everyone was out yesterday afternoon...watching as a jet flew patterns around and around the sky...perfect figure 8's... can see 3 iterations in this photo - but he flew the pattern several more times...

...a local CE said that he thought it was the gov. surveyors trying to assess flood levels for the spring...everyone's getting pretty nervous about the spring floods...the lake may rise and overflow the coulee to the south...which would of course be much more disastrous than the slowly rising lakeside flooding here...


  1. Nice photo! Hope there is no flooding out there. Our place is generally safe but the community here is also on flood watch, what with living in a city nicknamed Three Rivers...

  2. cool photo!

    I hope your area is spared from any flooding.

  3. Oooo... how pretty! We always have jets flying above us (we've got 2 air force bases, a navy base and an army base all around us!) but they never leave anything pretty for us to look at.
    I hope the floods stay away!