Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Art Work

The Man-Cub has a super Art teacher at the Middle School.

They work all week on a project and finish it on Friday. This was last week's project. I love all the colors and the tiny little designs - it's hanging over my computer now.


  1. so pretty! i thought it was stained-glass at first glance! ah, fond memories of art class - mrs. jones at rugby - i recall dripping melted crayons on a board.....the smell of the art room was wonderful!

    have fun - love, k

  2. I love it! I took art all through high school and art history in college. I always knew what I wanted to do though. I love how the teacher is really challenging their artistry and you definitely have a talented one.

  3. Very nice. Definitely a good art teacher. And student !! E

  4. I love doing pictures like this. Swirly lines, then colour in the spaces.