Friday, December 18, 2009

Mail Call

Y'all know I love it when the Mailman has to get out of his warm and cozy (NOT) Jeep to walk up on my porch and deliver a package...

...well, yesterday he did just that - and this is what we got from my sweet brother and his family...

Thanks so much - I love the fruit!


  1. What a wonderful gift!!!! We had gotten a similar gift years ago and was one of my favorites!

    I got your GORGEOUS ornament in the mail yesterday. It's so beautiful and the girls oohed and awed over it. You have so much atistic talent! Thank you so much! Now to settle the argument on who gets to put it on the tree; actually I might hang it in the window!

  2. Oh heavens, you know I would salivate over receiving so much meat and cheese! The fruit, piled with meat and cheese?! Delish! But for my vegan father this year, I'll be sure to make a wonderful meal for him too!

  3. Oh Yummo!

    What a gorgeous assortment of cheeses and fruit and it looks like sausage maybe?

    Enjoy :)

  4. Perfect gift. That fruit really looks good. You get the fruit, the boys can have the rest, right? MOM

  5. What a beautiful present, I think it is so nicely packaged - it makes it look so special.

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    I'm glad your mailman visited you today - isn't it great to get parcels! We didn't get anything today, not even our Lego order (sniff).

  7. The fruit and cheese is a great gift and would be put to well use here of the Christmas period.