Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vegan Eggs and Toast...

...I was frying up some soft tofu for Scout to eat with his new braces...when the Man walked by and said that it looked just like fried eggs...Hmmmnnn...

...I usually buy firm tofu and bake it - but was afraid that it would be a little bit to hard for Scout's sore teeth...he's doing very well with the new braces though... I toasted me up some of my Ezekiel Bread...and fried me up a couple of 'eggs'...

...this was really good...although I never ate fried eggs before I was vegan...

...just some butter and salt and simple and so good...


  1. I sometimes do that, but add a little turmeric. Then I put it on an english muffin with a slice-o- vegan cheese and (if I am feeling crazy) a little vegan sausage patty. SO good!

  2. hey - i'm a little behind on my blog-reading!! that bread looks dee-lish! and your silly dog photos...well....they were

    love, k

  3. Yum, looks simple and delicious!

  4. I always slice my tofu, wrap in a cloth and press with a plate for a bit. Then I put it in a cold iron skillet and brown on one side,over medium heat, flip, and brown on the other. It keeps well in the fridge and you can just pull out what you need.

  5. Your fried "eggs" look better than ones with eggs! Hope Scout is coming along with the braces. I had SO much mouth work as a child, I can sympathize with him.

  6. definetely shouldn't have read this post... i just ate lunch but now i'm hungry again. oh the troubles of being pregnant... hehheehe

  7. When are you writing a cookbook?!