Sunday, September 11, 2011

...and I remember...

Daddy 1939-1993

...not a very good picture...but definitely indicative of Daddy's love for animals...he really had a soft spot for dogs...I remember an old, old picture of a very young Daddy with Red (the first dog that I remember) on the couch of a very new house - maybe Mom can find that one...

...Daddy never minded doggie face kisses either...or as this picture represents - kisses combined with a romp on the floor with a big dog...and our beloved Duke was a very big dog (about 110 lbs.)...Happy Birthday Daddy!


  1. How lucky to have such lovely memories.

  2. yes, i had forgotten about him letting them lick him in the face!

    and speaking of "red", i guess i was just nicknamed after the dog, wasn't i?

    love, k

  3. How wonderful! Happy birthday to your Dad.

  4. "Memory as Medicine" and your memories are good medicine!
    House of Edward's Pamela just wrote a piece about an art show, "Memory as Medicine"...don't you just love that? It rolls off the tongue and evokes such cozy comfort, longing, love, peace, joy...I just love it, Teresa and love this post.