Friday, September 09, 2011

Light and Shadows...

...we were coming home from walking Jack last night and saw this on the ground beside the Church... you see the Ichthys...the Christian fish symbol...and a fainter one beside was cast there by a reflection off of the Sunday School Classroom windows...and we had a hard time tracing it's origin as we could stand all around it without affecting it with our shadow...but I finally went over to the windows and waved my arms around until I made a shadow on the was fun...

...and probably because he's heard me lament my inability to capture a gorgeous sunset or some other play of light in the 2 minutes or so that it takes to get the camera out sometimes...Scout said...'Mama, hurry and go get your camera before it goes away' sweet...

...we also snapped a photo of the shadow cast by the Church Bell...


  1. Photographing shadows and reflections is such fun - and gives triff pics!

  2. This is beautiful!

  3. A beautiful image ~ well seen!

  4. I love those photos!