Wednesday, September 14, 2011


...Scout was outside in the field shooting his BB gun and his Papa was on the deck reading...when they shouted for me to 'Come Look!' I did...and then ran and snatched up the camera before they could get away...did you notice there are two people in there...

...amazingly agile...flying around and turning and dipping and loops though...can anyone fly one of these...does it take a special you wear a helmet...??? looks like fun...kinda like a motorcycle in the air...

...they only stayed over our field a couple of minutes...then they just flew away...


  1. well, yeah, pretty much anyone can fly them. no license req'd for a true ultralight. that means the craft is less than 254 lbs. that is not very much!! the craft you show in the photo is a "trainer" ultralight that allows it to be 2 seats and more than the 254 lbs. it's kindof like a loophole that allows a much larger craft to be "unregulated". i would not get in a craft that is not regulated in any way - can be tied together with string if you want - and doesn't require any training to fly!! that said, it's probably fun...

    love, k

  2. We just saw one of these flying around our town too!

  3. We also have one here that flies by every once in awhile. I agree with Karen, not regulated, I'm not getting in! xx

  4. It just looks so 'up up and away' doesn't it?

  5. My grandpa and my dad used to own and fly one. Theirs was commercially built. Dad said it was easier to fly the ultralight than to ride his Harley.... Do you have any experience riding a Harley? ;)