Tuesday, September 06, 2011

...Fun with Free Apples...

...a friend from Church asked if I wanted some apples...of course I said yes...and she brought over 2 bags full...

...they're quite small though...too small for my little peeler thingy...these are actually from the same tree as those from last year...they're just a lot smaller this year for some reason...

...so I peeled them by hand...

...there will be lots of apple-y goodness this week and some in the freezer too...but the first thing to make had to be an plain old simple apple pie...same recipe as here...just without the rhubarb...

...and I used my handy-dandy pie crust helper to roll out a perfect pie crust...

...the apples and cinnamon already smell so good...

...just dump them into the crust...

...put on a top...for some reason Scout said he was glad I didn't make a lattice top...funny because I don't think I ever have made a lattice top apple pie...

...probably because...like me...he likes a lot of crust...and he thinks he wouldn't get as much with a lattice top...

...my boys grabbed a piece each as soon as it came out of the oven...so I was unable to get an intact pie picture...

...it really was that good...


  1. I was given apples last year and for the first time in my life put some up. I had the best time and still have 3 quarts left to make pies. Enjoy yours.xx

  2. That is really making my mouth water.......we just don't get fresh apples off a tree down here but we can still buy good ones. But we do grow Satsumas - kind of like tangerines and they are really yummy. But now I want apple pie!

  3. oh my, i am hungry! you make me proud to be sis - i'm not good with pie crusts! i'm strictly a buy-one-when-i-need-one kind of gal!

    love, k

  4. Your pie looks delicious and makes me want to bake one this week. Trouble is, I don't have any youngin's to help me eat it and I don't need to eat the whole thing.

  5. As they say in Yorkshire:

    Apple pie without the cheeze,
    is like a kiss without the squeeze!

    And cheeze does indeed go well with apple pie. Not sure about with cinnamon though, that's not a big thing with apple pie here.

    Your pie looks lovely, I like pastry too - it just has to be top and bottom as well.

    Our apples are just coming in. It will very soon be the time when big bags of apples appear in gateways with 'help yourself' notices!

  6. I will have to live vicariously through you. Our neighbor kids stole all of the apples.

    They moved, maybe next year!

  7. Oh yum - you can't beat a slice of homemade apple pie. i must check out our tree in the morning. xxx

  8. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Mmmmm looks wonderful! I just got a free bag of sour green apples from a colleague last week and made chutney. But now I am dreaming of pie!

  9. I need to find a friend with an apple tree!