Saturday, September 10, 2011

...the big closet cleanout... fall approaches...and right after it the Christmas season...we decided to go through all of our closets and give away everything that we're not using anymore...

...we thought this would be a good time of year to get the stuff to the Second Chance store so that people in the market for games and toys especially, could get them in time for Christmas...

...we started with the hall's where we keep the winter coats as well as our stash of games...and those fire sentry boxes hold all of our family videos...this is mid process...sorry I didn't think to take one earlier...

...and here we have everything cleaned, sorted and put back in it's place...

...I do so love organization...don't you?...

...and here's the stack of donatable goodies...that bag is full of winter coats/hats/gloves/scarves - many of them hand knit...and I must admit to being a tiny bit sentimentally sad to give away some of these that we spent countless hours playing with our younger Scout...but he was defnitely of the right spirit in giving them away... up will be the underside of Scout's bed...that's where all the legos live...and they want to find a new home before Christmas too...


  1. I love cleaning out and organizing. It makes me feel good and hopefully will benefit others with our donations.

  2. ...I do so love organization...don't you?...

    I do, I do, but it so often escapes me!

  3. Awesome donation stash. :) A clean (and not crammed full) house feels wonderful.

  4. We are going through the same process here. feels good, and a bit sad at times.

  5. Wonderful that you are clearing out your closets and other spaces for a good cause. I do the same several times a year. Still working on my very "big" decluttering project too. Somehow though the place doesn't seem like it has less stuff in it. I'm perplexed as I haven't purchased anything in months, other than a few pots and pans.

  6. Oh mercy, this is an ongoing project at my house. The oldest clothes are made in rag rugs and the wearable clothes are given away to folks who can use them. I've got a list of people and I rotate giving away "stuff"; that way it gets spread around -smile-.

  7. ummmm . . . are you going to be getting rid of any of those legos? cause if you are, we'd maybe be interested in buying some from you . . . i have a guy who just doesn't stop building. :) i need to post some pictures of his creations one of these days . . . let me know!


  8. wow!! what a great thing to do!
    i'm going to talk my son into this tomorrow!! :)