Thursday, September 08, 2011


...In case you didn't know...that stands for Assistant Senior Patrol Leader...

...Scout was elected by his peers to be ASPL this year...quite an honor...but also quite a bit of 'work'...and it also means that he'll probably be SPL next year...(and I bet you can figure out what that means)...

...the SPL and the ASPL met last night with the Scoutmaster to plan the year...that's the long taped together calendar on the table with one sheet per month and just the high level stuff...they also planned in detail all of the meetings for September...they'll meet once per month now just to do the monthly plans...this is such a great experience for life as our work often involves planning long term and short term just like this...and it can be a skill that's a bit difficult to 'teach' to teenagers who live so much in the moment...I just love the Boy Scouts for stuff like that...


  1. Congrats to Scout! That is wonderful about the planning skills too!

  2. Yes, congratulations. I think that you are right about the chance to learn lessons needed in adult life.

  3. congrats, scout!! fun times. love, k

  4. Congratulations to your son! Both my brother and husband are Eagle Scouts, and this honor is definitely something to be proud of!