Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Notecards are on their way - there are still a couple of people I've not heard from - but the majority of the cards have left the building...
...the stenciling is fun and it was so nice just thinking about each of you as I worked on your cards...


  1. Oh, those look great. I can't wait!

  2. They are lovely indeed! Sorry I didn't write back with my contact info, but thanks for the sweet offer. I figured it looked like you had a lot of cards to make judging from all who participated in the giveway. How long did it take you to make them all? How many cards did you make?

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I'd still be happy to make you a set - you could probably use some for thank yous for your wee one too...

    I made 5 for each person and then 5 envelopes - I save all of our sheets of paper without much print on them and then cut envelopes out - I almost never have to buy an envelope...



  4. Teresa, I received my cards in the mail. What a sweet surprise! I got to use one right away for a thank you note I needed to send out. Thank you kindly for your generosity:-)

  5. I received the cards! They're so simple and elegant! I love them! They will make perfect thank you notes! Thanks so much!