Wednesday, October 07, 2009

...and the last of the zucchini...

This zucchini is all destined for the freezer...

...we just shred it up using our 25 year old Emmie...

...measure it in 2 cup increments (that's what my zucchini bread recipe calls for)...

...some we'll just chop for casseroles this winter...

...label and date and we're done - really no trouble at all...


  1. i love having shredded and chopped veggies in my freezer to pull out when i'm baking and cooking.

    i do all my chopping and grating by hand, though - i have a blender, but that seems to totally puree things, no matter which button i push. so, it works great for soups and sauces!

    happy baking!

  2. wow, you had a wonderful garden this year. praise the Lord for providing!

  3. hey, fair with the lovely garden stuff!

    that zucchini reminded me of those yummy "burgers" i made with the garbanzo bean flour and a bunch of shredded veggies...i might have to do that tonight - with store-bought zucchini thank you very much!!

    love, k

  4. Sounds like you'll be enjoying zucchini goodness long past the season. :)

    I tagged you for a photo game if you feel like playing along. Check out this blog post for details:

  5. I was just looking through all of your veggie pics. They looks so yummy.

  6. You sure had a lot of "last" veggies. All still looks so fresh. MOM

  7. OOHH~ I was totally dreading shredding my last three ginormous zucchinis and you totally inspired me to use my Cuisinart - I never even thought of that!!! Thanks:)