Saturday, October 17, 2009

Potato Crisps

This is my sweet mandoline that I got for my birthday last year...
...and it's slicing some really thin slices of potato...
...which I dipped in the BBQ rub my sweet brother gave me...
...I just placed them on the dehydrator for a couple of hours at 145 and got some yummy homemade fat free potato chips...


  1. I never thought of 'drying' potatoes. I'll sure try that. MOM

  2. yeah, i'll have to try that too...and i'll tell robert - he has his dehydrator with him at state.

    love, k

  3. Yum, I keep thinking we need to get a mandoline.

  4. Genius! Now I need a ddehydrator! haha! I've been looking for a yardsale one for awhile now. Now I have MORE motivation

  5. These look delicious! My dehydrator is old and I do not think I can control the temp., but I would love to try this out!