Friday, October 09, 2009

Rally Night

We had Rally Night for new Cub Scouts...
...Our Scout came and helped after his Boy Scout meeting...
...all of the New Cub Scouts got to assemble a Marshmallow Shooter...

...we had set up targets - but it seemed like everyone just wanted to run around shooting marshmallows at each other...


  1. marshmallow shooters are the best! i've got one sitting in my craft drawer... hasn't been used in a while...

  2. that's hilarious!

    love, k

  3. Clever. Kinda like the ping-pong shooters. Safe fun. MOM

  4. I'll have 3 marshmallow shooters please these look great fun.

  5. Looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to remember to do it with a group of kids! Did you make these marshmallow shooters? ~ Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me