Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Blanket #1

This is the first of three baby blankets I've been working on recently - for a sweet baby girl named Sara born to friends in SC...

It's my standard 100 stitch baby blanket - I just cast on (I think this one was on size 10 - but I often use size 9 as well) 100 stitches and knit for 150 or so rows - it makes a nice receiving blanket sized afghan - then I cast off and using a contrasting yarn single crochet a border - sometimes I use a shell stitch but I thought the sc showed off the variegated yarn better - it's knit in Caron Simply Soft Off white with Baby Brights for the trim.


  1. how sweet! i don't know anyone who's expecting these days. funny how that goes in cycles.

    pretty blanket and i'm sure they'll treasure it like i did mine. they're all sealed up in the attic in totes. haven't seen them in years, but i suspect they're just fine and still smell like baby!

    love, k

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    It looks so darling!

  3. Looks just like the one you made for Grandma's doll. Very pretty and perfect for a new girl. MOM

  4. looks soft and cuddly and perfect for a new baby to snuggle a newborn.

  5. oh, so pretty!
    i really like it!

    someday i shall learn to knit. but for now, i have too many sewing projects going . . . ;)

  6. Very pretty and soft and cuddly looking. I am sure that will make one baby feel all cozy:-)

  7. Ah! I love it. It's so simple! I'm working on the Radiating Star blanket for my sister, whose baby girl is due in March. I thought maybe I'd just make a smaller version to be dragged about, but perhaps I'll do this instead!

    Of course, I'll have to learn to crochet for that border... :-)

  8. For whatever reason, I have been unable to actually grasp crochet. I know the mechanics, but it just doesn't flow to me like knitting does. Maybe this time's the charm?