Monday, July 20, 2009

Colour Week - BLUE

Once again - I was amazed at how much BLUE I was able to find just walking through the house this morning......but first of all some BLUE pool water - Scout's swimming lessons have started - He's in Level 5 and it should be quite a challenge for him - it was cool and rainy yesterday morning for the first day - and we waited until the last session hoping that it would be warm......on the side of my computer cabinet there's a neat white board and I write myself little notes (in BLUE ink) for some reason some of Scout's beads - a small piece of mica nad a puzzle piece are there beside my BLUE Earth Ball......on the Man's chair is his communion kit - I embroidered the BLUE cross on the front (it's for taking communion to shut ins and people in the hospital, etc)......I'll show you the inside because I made this kit out of a kid's lunchbox years ago when he was at seminary - First, I embroidered the cross on some black fabric - then I stitched that cloth over the design - which I think was a BLUE dragon (not sure 'though) - then I made a foam insert and cut out little divets for the implements - some olive wood Communion cups - a couple of bottles for wine - the little wafer holder and a candle - then I covered that with the black stretchy cloth - I also embroidered a little white cross on the altar cloth - not sure if you can see that very well - I was so pleased with the way it all turned out......anywhoo - In the living room I only see one BLUE item - it's an old telephone insulator - the Man picked it up on the railroad tracks near his Great Grandmother's house where we were walking way back when we were dating......but turning the corner into the kitchen and you're met with a whole cabinet full of BLUE - these dishes were Mom's - she got them at the A&P grocery and they all have images from the Revolution - they were made by Staffordshire for the Bi-Centennial - so they're from 1976 - we used them every day when I was growing up - but now they're 'collectible' - we still use them a lot - but not everyday......this is a BLUE handled lefse stick given to me the first year we lived here - after I successfully rolled some lefse with the Church Ladies to sell at the Bazaar......I could definitely be a Silk Creamer spokesperson - I love this stuff......The light is not very good this morning - that doesn't bode well for a warm swimming lesson - this is our drinking water - coming from the mountains of NC - we're pretty particular about our water - nothing quite compares......speaking of water - Jack's water bowl is BLUE - Scout made the little mat right before we got Jack - so cute......on the dining room table - Nanny's BLUE cloth I've posted about it before......on top of the piano an old lamp with BLUE flowers - we used to have two of these in the guest room - but sadly one was broken......and on top of the bench a BLUE pad - this belonged to Karen and matched her furniture at the time - the bench is all that remains of the piano that I played as a child - but it goes just fine with our piano......and finally Scout's BLUE camo swim trunks and a ND T-shirt that he'll don before we leave for swimming lessons shortly...


  1. ah, yes, blue, the cool color....nice that you kept that pad - reminds me of the days when the kids were little - destroying all the furniture that seat matched with their spilled "sippy cups" and such. luckily, the piano was out of the way for most of that time! see ya soon! love, k

  2. Thanks for the 'blue' tour. Lots of memories there. MOM