Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colour Week - RED

Elizabeth at My Crafty Mess is sponsoring Colour Week.
Today's colour is RED - this is such fun!

At first I thought there would not be that much RED around the house but - I started looking around my workspace first and found several RED items...
...I love that even my mouse glows RED...
...That was without even getting up out of my chair - the little pencil topper was a Valentines Day giftie from I stood up and walked past this bookcase with this sort of eclectic grouping of RED items......then on up the hall on a search for RED and found one of the Man's caps hanging on the closet door......Past the living room where of course we have RED sofas......turning the corner into the kitchen takes you past the china cabinet - where the only RED is Grandma's old coffee grinder (we actually used this coffee grinder when we were first married - we were such 'coffee snobs' then......we've recovered......apparently the Man left these RED berries sitting out on the counter overnight (he did the shopping yesterday)......the piano recently moved into the dining room (still not so sure I like it there but the Man tells me that all of the music in his Mamaw's house was played in the dining room) and sitting on the piano are a couple of RED Lutheran Hymnals (the actual colour of these was listed as Cranberry when we ordered them)......and finally hanging on the door on the way out of the house (through the garage) where they can't be forgotten hang not one but two RED knitting bags...


  1. how cool....maybe i'll do it and post my hair!! love, k

  2. a beautiful grinder! I would use it everyday! Such a nice heirloom!

  3. I love red, it one of my favourite colours along with brown and green and pink.

  4. hurray for red!

    and i love the o.j. pitcher! it's great. :)

  5. Interesting idea this color thing! Since you have other elizabeths, I will be MOM from now on.