Monday, July 20, 2009

The Poom Belt

Scout's Tae Kwon Do Exhibition went really well......he had to wear his Black Belt for 24 hours after this - even to bed and to church - now it's hanging with his Red Sr. belt for 24 hours - just tradition......I was really disappointed with the pictures - it seemed that my camera wanted to focus on the heads of the people in front of us and it was too dark to fool with the manual settings - but this is a picture of the Confetti Board break - Scout broke 10 boards one right after the other at the end of his exhibition - and he was really pleased with his confetti board...


  1. yes, good job!!

    love, aunt k

  2. If you know what it is, the confetti shows up OK. Hurrah for Scout!!! MOM

  3. Now that what I call incentive to break a board.

    It looks cool with all the confetti coming out.

    I hate taking photos in places with poor light :(

  4. i know this is just me being petty, but it royally pisses me off that the one in the top image is wearing the poom belt upside-down. it's black above red, always.