Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Scout and I took some of our 'junk' to donate to the local charity thrift shop - I have to be careful when I do this as I don't want to come home with more than I drop off - Usually I'm only 'looking for' sheets for my Lutheran World Relief quilts - but Scout happened to find this old Orange Juice Pitcher - he said 'Look Mom - this will be perfect for my orange juice' - and it truly is his Orange Juice - the Man rarely drinks any and if I drink very much at all it causes little blisters inside my mouth - ouch - but Scout can (and often does) drink OJ with every meal - we just make sure he drinks with a straw (better for the teeth)......I'm pretty sure that's not the original topper - but Scout loves it because he can hold it on tightly and shake up the juice......now if they only had that little set of glasses that went with the pitcher...


  1. I have a special pitcher for my OJ too!

  2. I remember that pitcher design. Juice is good for him. E

  3. I have the same problem when I drop off my donations. Mikaela always want to go in for a look and we always come out with something we don't need.

    I think this pitcher will make orange juice just that little more enjoyable now.

  4. hey - yes, i recall that design from somewhere, also...looks very "retro" doesn't it?

    have fun, love, k