Friday, July 17, 2009

Colour Week - YELLOW

Today's colour is YELLOW and I'm loving going through the house finding YELLOW...

It's funny because I thought there would be a lot more sunny YELLOW than Red or Orange but it hasn't really turned out that way - I do have an entire bright YELLOW bathroom so maybe that makes up for the lack of yellow elsewhere...
...but of course I started here in the office and couldn't find much YELLOW - there's a tiny bit on the handle of these pliers - I'm trying to fix Scout's little dynamo - it was so neat for camping when it worked - I think the gears are just 'off'......But wait...on top of the bookcase there's one of Nanny's crocheted doilies......I won't show you the YELLOW and Orange towel again as that seems to have frightened some people :) the living room is Scout's little Galileo thermometer...then in the kitchen is a bunch of bananas (slightly overripe - I can feel banana bread coming on)......BTW - did you know that I've been peeling bananas WRONG all my life - you're supposed to peel them from the bottom - who knew......On the counter is Scout's new very YELLOW camera......and I just finished sewing all of the patches on his new Black Belt uniform and they are all bordered with YELLOW...


  1. Oooh. Why are you supposed to peel bananas from the bottom?

    (this sounds like the start of a joke!)

    I guess I could've changed it to: What's the reasoning behind peeling bananas from the bottom vs. the top?

  2. hey - yes, nice tour of the color yellow! love, k
    p.s. loved the banana peeling video!! who would'a thunk it?

  3. That camera is wonderful!

  4. Miranda tells me that bananas peeled that way will not have any of those annoying 'strings'. Hurray for yello!! MOM

  5. Amazed next time I open a banana I'm going to try opening it that way.

    I wonder what colour you will have the most of in your house.