Monday, July 13, 2009

More Baby Birdies

The little birds are everywhere up here right now - they love our deck furniture - which we actually keep in the yard in the only shade that we have - our deck gets full sun in the evening and is not a very comfortable place to sit...These little birds rest here and are still fed by their mama and papa...
...we love watching them - but not cleaning up their poop...

It appears that Mrs. Kildeer will not nest in our yard this year - we're so sad about this - but the sexton put down fill dirt and planted grass on the rocky barren place where she always nested and apparently the new sod is not to her liking - she's been with us every year so we miss her a lot - hopefully she is well and happy and nesting somewhere nearby...


  1. Those little babies are so adorable!

  2. what cute birdies. :)

    and kildeers love rocky, gravely sorts of places . . . i'm sure she found a lovely new home.