Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colour Week - PURPLE

Although I claim PURPLE as my favorite colour, I really did know that PURPLE would be pretty scarce around hereand so it has surprised me with each colour when you focus on it you do find it - my calendar on top of my desk - with yesterdays date still displayed (today's background is blue)......still here in the office - the Man's Sundays and Seasons is brown and PURPLE this year......in Scout's room a drawing he did for the new year still hanging around......on the kitchen counter - some PURPLE grape jelly......and a pretty appliqued dish towel done by one of the ladies from Church (not me)......no PURPLE in the living room so I went downstairs to the laundry room where I knew I had hung up a PURPLE turtleneck that I wore the other day when we had wind chills in the thirties - I know it's July......a lot of my PURPLE is knitting related - these are from a baby blanket (just my standard one) and there's actually some lavender in the ball of yarn that looks white - I love the PURPLE crochet hook and the PURPLE handled scissors - I have several pairs of scissors - these have a case labeled DO NOT USE - for cloth only (I'm hoping no one will use them for paper, wire, wood, etc.)......my needle case (given to me by my sweet sister - many many years ago) has a couple of shades of PURPLE......finally I leave you with a couple of pictures from a bin in the storage room containing some leftover PURPLE costuming from Mardi Gras......all in all, I'm pretty sentimental about PURPLE - my PURPLE jeans that I had in 5th grade and my PURPLE canopy bedspread with daisies all over it - PURPLE is like a 70's colour isn't it...


  1. yeah, 70's it is! how about the purple "x" painted on the back wall of your bedroom? ....mine was BRIGHT yellow at the time, as i recall...or maybe bright green....those were the days all right!

    love, k

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    When I was a teenager, my bedroom was painted, at my request, with lavender walls and a dark purple ceiling. I had co-ordinating bedding too. I'm surprised my dad went along with my choices, because he's always been the type for neutral walls and a white ceiling!

  3. When you group purple like that, it is an interesting color. Didn't know it was your favorite, but I do remember the purple from your teens. MOM

  4. you just reminded me that I need to felt myself a needle case!