Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday Menu

TRANCHES DE JAMBON MORVANDELLE - [Sautéed Ham Slices - Cream and Madeira Sauce]
POINTES D'ASPERGES AVEC SAUCE HOLLANDAISE - [Asparagus Tips with Hollandaise Sauce]
Nanny's Sweet Potatoes

All the details are at The Vegan Version


  1. hey! we're back from our trip to Ocracoke. i didn't have any internet access - so i just now read all your entries since thursday of last week. love all of it - great meal, church service, skirt, sweater. see ya very soon!! love, k

  2. Delicious! I made a wonderful carrot and ginger soup for a friend coming to Easter dinner with Crohn's Disease. He can truly only eat whole foods, no refined sugars, gluten free. I'll post it later in the week.
    It turned out thick and wonderful, even with zero milk products!