Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring = Tulips

What says SPRING more than tulips...

...these are my Mother-in-laws tulips in North Carolina - I really wanted to pick the lot of them and bring them back with me...sigh...but of course I didn't...

...Scout and I were amazed at how pretty they are inside...we're so used to seeing them in profile...but they are amazingly beautiful if you get up close and look inside...'s still a while before we have tulips here - but they are poking their green heads up out of the soil...

Happy Spring!


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I LOVE tulips! And those ones are gorgeous!

  2. they are pretty!! i can't seem to grow them - the squirrels dig them up....

    love, k

  3. How nice! We have the same ones in a row in front of our house and I love the insides as well. I just wish they lasted a little longer before the petals fell off.

    I had a gardener give me some advice last year and what was most helpful there was to plant lots of different bulbs in the same place that bloom at different times of year.

  4. I love tulips and there is a lovely white variety called 'Maureen'. I grew them one year but they didn't come up again. I'm going to order some for the autumn planting.

    Bluebells are poking their heads out of the leaves. This are used to be orchards and before that woodland. Every garden has lots of bluebells. So pretty.

  5. Your tulips are beautiful and timely; what a great combination!

  6. they are beautiful. i was just admiring them this evening. :)

  7. I always mean to plant tulips. I love them. We've had such ODD spring weather here. It is varying between 40 and 85 degrees. Bizarre!

    Safe Travels!