Tuesday, September 07, 2010


...Scout had left specific instructions about what I was to do if the 'package' arrived while he was at school...luckily, it came right after he got home and I didn't have to do any fishy business...

...he tore into that package so quickly - to make sure his little guy was OK...it's amazing to me that they can send a live fish from Florida and have it arrive 2 days later alive...

...straight into the new aquarium to get aclimated...

...he headed straight for the little 'cave' that Scout so carefully created for him...

...he seems happy and healthy so far - hoping he stays that way...


  1. Looks like he has found a home. Hope he stays healthy too. MOM

  2. Cute whiskery little creature.

    Is it possible to know if it is a girl or boy?

  3. Welcome new fishy fish! He looks like a cat fish with those whiskers.

  4. He's here! Scout made the perfect cave for him too! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)