Thursday, September 09, 2010

Starting Over...

Scout's Tae Kwon Do do jang has folded...

...that's a very sad thing...but he's starting over...

...our Tae Kwon Do black belt is now a Karate white belt...standing at the lowest end of the line as they bow in (not even in uniform yet - karate uses a slightly different do bok - and he couldn't wear his black belt one anyway as it has the black stripes of his TKD rank)...

...a lot of NEW - a new do jang (gym) a new do bok (uniform) a new forms and new names for everything...

...but still the same CAN-DO attitude...who does that remind you of?..."Can't never could do nothin'"...


  1. I like Scout's attitude to starting over. That last sign is quite inspirational too! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  2. Just scrolled through a number of your posts. All so interesting and colorful. Nice to see the progress on your church. Thanks for visiting my blog. My posts are sparse because I'm caring for my mom in my home now.

  3. oh yes, when i help with gymnastics i don't let the girls use that word either. :)

    and fun to see the church addition going up. and the fish in his very cool home!

    have a good evening!

  4. hey! glad the fishy is alive and well. it is amazing that they ship them like that.

    good luck with karate!

    love, k

  5. Hope all the starting over goes well. Too bad about the other gym. Sounds like scout has a good attitude though!

  6. Potentially two blackbelts!

  7. LOVE that sign - I want to hang it up on my refrigerator and make it a house rule!

  8. Good for him and how cool is that floor?