Friday, September 17, 2010

Pommes Anna

...this was the Man's idea for a side dish for supper last night - and it's not one of Julia's recipes but you might think it was - it was a good idea and I just used my mandoline to slice some new potatoes (also given to me by the lovely lady from Church) - but you could of course just slice them by hand...

...we used the recipe in the Joy of Cooking - I found it online here - it's super simple and oh so pretty - it's just potatoes and butter - we subbed Earth Balance (and some salt and pepper too) - we layered them into a nice big cast iron pan and baked them covered for a while and then uncovered...then we inverted it and sliced it into wedges - it was really nice - sort of hash-brown-y...

..and there are a couple more French recipes at The Vegan Version...


  1. Those are beautiful! Yummy!
    Peace, Angela

  2. Anything with potatoes is a hit here!

    My husband loves any excuse to dig out his mandoline too :0)

  3. This looks like something my husband would love : )