Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frugal Use of Food...

...this is another sort of 'How Frugal are you?' post...

...Do you use up all of your leftovers?...

...I love it at the week's end if we are able to use everything up and start the new week with a clean fridge - I do my big grocery shopping on Saturday...

...unfortunately the Man prefers NOT to eat leftovers - so what I usually try to do is make something so completely different that you can (hardly) tell that they are leftovers...

...The Pommes Anna are going to become some tasty breakfast hashbrowns...

...I just add some peppers and onions and chop up the leftover potatoes - I add a little bit of water to get things going too - the Pommes Anna had so much butter (Earth Balance) that I didn't even add any more...

...but probably my favorite leftover remake - one that my family loves as well - is to make potato pancakes using leftover mashed potatoes...

...I learned this recipe from my Mom - you just take leftover mashed potatoes - and add some onion and some flour and mix that up - depending on how creamy your mashed is you may need to add a little soy milk as well - but I usually don't - you don't want them to be runny - then pop them into a lightly oiled cast iron skillet...

...the trick is not to turn them too soon - they have to be nicely browned before you can turn them or they will try to stick and fall apart...

...but you end up with some delicious oniony golden brown crispy potato pancakes - we just eat ours plain - but I've heard of people serving them with sour cream and/or applesauce too... how do you use up your leftovers?...


  1. great idea! i love latkes, but i've never made them with leftover mashed potatoes! i'll have to try that. :)

  2. Fantastic use of all your food!! Love the potato pancake idea.

  3. Love the creativity of your leftovers. At my house we enjoy left overs in their original form but warmed up :-)

  4. I always use up leftovers. Today we have roast potatoes - not a million miles away from Pommes Anna. They will be used tomorrow, maybe cooked in a frying pan.

    It always seems to me that to throw away leftovers is like throwing away pound notes! Not something I would ever do (I know we don't have pound notes any more but old habits die hard!'

    I also love potato scones.

    Bero flour was very popular in the past. The Bero cook book was free and very popular.

  5. My dad made us potatoe pancakes like that growing up (minus onion) and I always loved them with lots of butter, salt and pepper.

    One of my favorite leftover revamps is fried spagetti, another childhood favorite. Throw the cold spagetti (no sauce) into a frying pan with a little butter and cook until slightly golden and crisp. I like mine with a little salt and pepper and parmesan cheese... yummy!

  6. yum - i haven't made potato pancakes in forever! i've actually seen them as a side dish at a fancy restaurant...who would'a thought? love, k

  7. Mmmm! Potato pancakes! I love them plain, with ketchup, with apple sauce. Anyway!

  8. Looks delicious. We make potato pancakes. We often make extra so we have leftovers on purpose--then we don't have to think up what to put in the kids' lunches for the next day! :)

  9. Two very good ideas for using leftovers! I usually can come up with some way to incorporate leftovers but when I can't - out to the chickens they go :0)

  10. Oh we so love our latkes with applesauce and sour cream! Your recipe looks awesome! Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  11. I love this, this is so me! I love to makes soups with what's leftover, and all kinds of casseroles :-)

  12. Yum! I luuurve leftovers. They make life happy. Right now I am very happy. :D I eat ours up just as they are. As soon as we eat up our leftovers, I am going to make some spinach lentil soup.

    P.S. I am good at eating prepared foods, but not so good at preparing all of my produce. Unfortunately, we throw too much produce into the TRASH. :(

  13. Most of our leftovers end up on pizza. Or as lunch.