Saturday, January 07, 2012

...a few little things before we go...

...with just a little bit over a week before we go...I was cleaning out my photos and I found that I had never posted these...of the house numbers we made for this little house that we love so well... never had any in the 6 and 1/2 years we lived here...there were very faded numbers on the mailbox that we replaced...(and we did put numbers on the new mailbox as well...but they're hard to see from the street)... one of my trips to drop things off at the Second Chance store...I spied this lovely little whatever it is...and thought it'd be perfect for some house numbers... I got those at the local Stuff-Mart...and arranged them on the board...

...drilled some pilot holes for the tiny little screws...

...not sure why the tone of this picture is so different...but that's all the little holes...

...and screwed the numbers into place...and in about 5 minutes and for less than $5 we have some pretty house numbers to leave for the new pastor... it is hanging between the garage doors...I was going to put it by the front door...but it wouldn't be visible from the street there...

...we also put one of the reflective green number signs by the may get covered with years past this fence was completely covered...but this year...who knows... can see that most of the snow that Scout was shoveling the other day is gone...this has been such a weird winter so far...


  1. The house we live in was built in 1935. We bought the house from someone who had lived here for more than thirty years.

    It is so nice to know about the lovely people who lived here before us, and those numbers are something you will leave for the next people who will live in that house. They represent the happiness and love felt while you lived there.

  2. what a lovely house number sign!

  3. hey, you are so nice to do that!! love, k

  4. I am so impressed that you took time, even 5 minutes, when you are no doubt very busy preparing to leave. How very sweet!

    I will be thinking of you this week as you wade through a sea of "good-byes". I know that is very hard, no matter how excited you may be about the next chapter of your life.

    God's peace be with you.

  5. Really nice touch. Love, MOM