Friday, January 27, 2012

...other people's things...

...I wonder...

...about the things that get left behind when we move from one place to another...this little Bible was left all by itself in a kitchen drawer...

...I love it...the verses she chose...the DATE...the childish crayon scribbles...

...we bought this home from an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife and moved into a nursing home...and they just left some things behind...

...these things were all left in the kitchen cabinet beneath the drawer with the Bible in it...

...I love the mixer...Yep...I plugged it in and it still's heavy though...

...and the coffee percolator...with the little baggie of cords...surely one of them fits the percolator...

...and the sweet pitcher...I think maybe she collected antiques...some of the items still have little estate sale type tags... the bathroom...her drawers were left intact...I'm thinking it may have been too painful for him to go through some of her things... makes me wonder...what did we leave behind in North Dakota...


  1. I always love finding the leftovers in houses. Sometimes it is just a cool find, but usually it says something about the person who came the place some spirit. Alternatively, I loove leaving something for the newbies to find. Sometimes I leave a letter or a little gift for them to find, stashed somewhere deep that only a person living there would find.

  2. Wow! I've moved a LOT but never found that much stuff left behind.

    I do like to think about the people who lived in the houses before us. I feel like we can purchase the bricks and boards that make the house, but not the open spaces within the rooms. Those spaces hold the stories, stories that are only in the memories of those who lived here before us.

    And, Maria, I love that as well!

  3. Wow. I've moved a lot of times and always tried to clean things out completely ... I think I understand about the left-behinds in this situation, though.

    I hope you are getting through some of your early projects so you can start to settle in!

  4. I love those kinds of things. Our apartment was still full-ish of things from my great Aunt who had passed away 12 years earlier. It's like a treasure hunt. And giving all those little things a second life with you. love.

  5. We bought our house furnished. The owner had been in a home for a year but kept the house in case she changed her mind - she was in her nineties.

    In the loft we found a tea chest full of letters her husband wrote to her throughout the war, from all over the different regions the war was fought. There were some funny things - scarves and gloves, knitted in khaki wool and sent to Egypt. They were all clearly unused but were now very fragile.

    We contacted the lady's son and he took them all away. It was so interesting to find wartime Christmas cards very flimsy all hoping for peace.

    Lots of things left we use now, our neighbours visit her regularly and she is happy they are being used and loved. Items of any value we gave to the local hospice shop which was what she wanted.

  6. When we moved into this home we found an old foot locker in an old wood pile in the back yard. It belonged to a man who was in WWII. There were some letters from his wife. Unfortunately since the previous owners thought this was trash and left it outside it was infested with ants and we just had to toss everything. I would have liked to try to find the owners or their children and give them the items.

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