Monday, January 23, 2012

...last days in North Dakota...

...Scout and I spent our final days in North Dakota at a friend's farm... was like being on retreat...

...we had a lovely soft sticky snow...and temperatures dipped well below we had a nice taste of North Dakota winter before we left...

...just a few peaceful days before all the NEW starts in West Virginia... was lovely...


  1. yes, that looks like a nice send-off! is that top photo the view with the garden on the right? just wonderin'....

    love, k

  2. Great ending to such an important chapter in your lives.

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I hope you love your new home. Happy New Year.

  4. What a lovely time to spend to say goodbye. I am looking forward to your posts from your new place of residence.

    By the way, I am reading 'A Year of Living Biblically' because you mentioned it. I just love it and it has shed light on things my Grandmother used to say. If she was talking about going somewhere she would say 'I shall see you on Wednesday, if we live and the Lord spares us' and I now know why!

  5. What a sweet way to end your time in North Dakota. We're all looking forward to read about your new adventures!

  6. I am glad your last days were so relaxing. I think that is extra special. Lovely photos of your last days too!