Saturday, August 27, 2011

...another harvest...

...I've been out to the garden for another harvest...

...lots of squash again...some more green beans and peas too... first little pod of okra...YAY!...I'll probably fry it up with some of the yellow squash...

...and a pot of turnip greens...there's a few beet greens in there too...we'll have the tops now and the turnips later...

...and this time I pulled up the first row of onions...they're lovely and fat and juicy this year...still too strong for eating raw...but very nice cooked...

...they're drying in the garage for a while...

This is our procedure for saving onions:

1) We harvest the onions when the tops start to wither.
2) Then we spread them out in a single layer and let them dry for a couple of weeks in the garage - or until the tops have completely withered.
3) Then we cut off the tops and store them in flats (still in a single layer) in our unheated basement laundry room.

They usually last until Christmas or a little bit after...I think I paid about $1 for the bag of onions that we planted...and we'll probably harvest more than 10 lbs of onions...and that's just one of the things that I love about gardening...

...did you grow any onions this year?...


  1. Wow, what a fabulous harvest! I love veggie gardens. :)

  2. Looks quite yummy!

    We are busy harvesting, so many runner beans that we are eating them daily and giving them to our lovely neighbours. We are also eating chard, beets and the tops of beets. Very healthy!

  3. Awesome harvest! I didn't grow much this year as I wanted to see what was going on in the garden space of our new home. I have big plans for next year!

  4. Your veggies sure look good. I, too, planted about a dollar's worth of white and red onions. We ate a lot as green onions and as they wilted, I pulled them all and still have about 2 pounds of the red in the fridge. They are sweet enough to eat raw. Enjoy that okra. MOM

  5. that's awesome. I keep wanting to do onions but they get pushed aside at planting time.

  6. Thanks for sharing that!
    Any tips for carrots?