Wednesday, August 03, 2011

...Scout Socks...Update...

...I did knit some on the Scout Socks at Camp Wilderness was just that I knew it was going to be WAY TOO HOT!!! to wear them...

...the princess sole is done and I've started the increases...I'm sure I'll finish in time to wear them for cooler weather...


  1. Those look great. My hubs has been hinting around that he wants me to knit him some socks. I can barely knit a dishcloth, lol. Maybe one of these days... ;)

  2. I so envy you your socks.

    However I've decided my talents lie elsewhere - I can only take so much four needle rejection!

  3. These socks are AWESOME! Great job:) I've enjoyed reading your camping posts....I'm doing Wood Badge training this month and leave for my first weekend in three weeks!! EEK!!!!!! I can't wait:)

  4. Good for you. I can usually knit in heat but not that kind of heat!