Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hotel Pool Fun...

...we arrived in Columbus and went to the conference site...which is a beautiful Church...

...then we checked into our hotel...but on the way we stopped at a drug store and bought a waterproof sleeve for Scout's injured foot... worked perfectly...

...we had planned on visiting an area waterpark...but we had to change plans because of the stitches...I don't think I would trust this vinyl sleeve at a waterpark...there'd be too much walking around on it...

...but Scout was very happy to be able to play in the pool...

...and I got in some good knitting time poolside as well...


  1. Pools are so fun! Love the striping of that yarn.

  2. Sock envy strikes again!

  3. cool "baggie" for the leg!! mom mentioned that she did something similar a summer that they kept r&r - the first "r" had broken a bone in his hand and they tied it up with bread bags for a trip tubing down the river!

    beautiful sock, btw! love,k

  4. I don't think I have ever seen any thing like that for his foot. Nice find.

    what are you making? Looks like its coming along well.

  5. even with the bum foot, scout still manages to have lots of fun. :)

    and the way you love him and are proud of him just make me smile. :)

    happy thursday to you.


  6. @Emerald Hills
    Thanks! It's a sock...knit in Comfort Sock and my favorite old pattern...

    Have a lovely day!



  7. @Emerald Hills
    It was a great find...just at the regular old CVS store...

    That's the beginning of another finished now...

    Have a lovely day!