Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Chamomile Tea...

...I may have mentionned before that I love tea...

...I drink a lot of tea...upwards of 2 quarts a day...hot and cold...I love all kinds...herbal...black...Earl Grey holds a special place in my heart...and so does Yorkshire Gold...the pretty little flower teas...

...I really love tea...

...and I've been drinking a lot of this Chamomile tea...

...so far I'm loving it...it's lovely and calming...and I can drink it without sugar...

...the cute straw was from my sweet sister...as were the home grown flowers that made this tea...

What's your favorite tea?...


  1. Yum! My favorite tea will always be Evening in Missoula---it is the best blend!

  2. My favorite right now is Tazo Zen!! I'm totally in love with your straw too!!! LOVE IT! Hope you are having a great week!

  3. In the summer it's green tea with lemon and in the winter it's chai tea with cream. Cute straw!xx

  4. I love tea too. I really enjoy teas by The Republic of Tea. They have a red velvet tea that is really good - sounds weird, but I love it and crave it.

  5. LOVE tea. I drink a ton too. I do a lot of Green. But I have a special place for Chamomile, the boys do too. Earlier in the summer i was rocking lemon balm, mint and a tiny bit of thyme from the garden. Mmm-mmm! So fresh tasting. Do you grow any herbs?

  6. Ah, you know the answer - Yorkshire Gold.

    I've never got on with 'alternative' teas. As for chamomile, I know it is very good for you, but my Grandma called chamomile 'Stinking Nanny' and I can't get beyond that!

  7. Hmm right now my favorites teas (because I can't have just one) are lemon zinger, green tea, tension tamer, and good old southern iced tea!
    I am trying English Breakfast once school starts.
    Love your straw!