Sunday, August 28, 2011

...Teenage Geese...

...early this morning...before Church...these geese marched across our lawn...I love the little geese families...they really stick together...Mom in front and Dad in the back whenever they go anywhere...and the fuzzy little goslings grow up so fast...'s that time of year again...the geese will be flying away...we'll hear lots of honking as they leave...and then the skies will be honk free for several months...they won't be back until March...and that first honk is such a harbinger of spring...


  1. We hear a lot of that honking, too. They used to be here just in the summer but with the lakes nearby now they are here year round flying back and forth. I still like to hear and see them. MOM

  2. We get geese who honk their way across the sky. They come to us for the winter.

    Just as dusk starts we get the seagulls who fly from the city back to the (I presume) sea for the night. They make a real racket!!