Friday, August 12, 2011

...Outdoor Tablecloths...

...we've really been enjoying our new deck...and this usually involves food...any sort...eaten it...

...but I don't love the tablecloth (or bedsheet used as the case may be) blowing all over the I just wrap it around the posts and clip it with a works perfectly...even in our often 'breezy' ND wind... often do you eat outside?...


  1. I do wish we could enjoy eating outside, but that won't come until Oct or Nov. Right now it's just too hot and buggy! Glad you're enjoying the deck.xx

  2. I love your clothespin solution!

  3. The table cloth is fun - the security arrangements frugal and effective!

    Eat outside? Not much. It's a habit we have never got into. We don't like BBQs and that seems to be the most popular eat out event.Lunch is when we eat outside if we do.

    When young the children refused to eat outside because of bugs - especially at dusk.

  4. We are waiting for summer too. Picnic lunches :)

  5. Since my parents moved into their new house we eat on the deck alot. Its much nicer than the one we had before, plus its so pretty outside here. (we live in woodland park CO)

  6. @Emerald Hills
    We love love love our new deck...and spending time together outside!

    Have a lovely day!