Saturday, August 06, 2011

...a new skirt...from a (very) old pattern...

...I've had this pattern in my stash for many many years...I had my engagement photo taken wearing a linen jacket that my Mom made from this pattern...

...and I had this turquoise linen in the stash as well...also for many years...

...and I was thinking about our exchange student and the beautiful and functional clothes that her Mom made for her...she made a turquoise skirt for her when I was in France (also many years ago)...this is turning out to be a very nostalgic post...and she wore it with a simple white knit very cool and casual for a Parisian summer... made the front-pleated skirt...and added a couple of patch pockets...I wish all my clothes had pockets...don't you?...

...and I'm really happy with the way it turned very cool and comfortable for these last hot days of summer...


  1. Pockets are a must-have:) I love the new skirt you made for yourself- great pattern:) I really enjoy linen in the summertime, too; it is so much cooler than some of the other fabrics I have.

  2. As the world's biggest fan of the skirt, that one is simply perfect. I wore my favorite purple dress today...favorite because it is A) purple, and B) has the cutest side pockets. Yours turned out beautifully, and in such a fantastic color!

  3. I got to see it in person. Looked really nice. MOM

  4. It looks great, I love the colour and the style - I feel the same about pockets.

    I think your hair looks lovely, the length suits you.

    All in all very chic.

  5. Very nice! Well done.