Wednesday, May 02, 2012


...Happy Wednesday to you...

...I just took this off the needles...a super quick little knit...can you guess what it is?... about now?...

...that's right it's a little Tea Cozy...and it's going to look like a little owl...except it will have embroidered eyes instead of googly eyes...'s the Tea Totin' Owl from Wool Free and Lovin''s for my super-duper-best-in-the-world neighbor...I'll fill it with some of my tea stash...and give it to her this weekend...

...have a lovely day!...


  1. And a Happy Wednesday to you. What are those lovely flowers, maybe rose buds?? Glad you are being cared for. Love, MOM

  2. I was going to guess that you were knitting covers for golf clubs ( I can't imagine for whom ) but I see that it is a cute tea-cozy. MOM

  3. Gorgeous flowers, is it an azalea

    Your neighbour will love it. That someone takes the care to make something so cute, makes one feel cared for.

  4. What an adorable tea towel! I just love owls!

  5. Love your color choice -- can't wait to see it all done!