Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lifeguard Readiness

One thing that I have had to do even with my foot bandaged - is make sure Scout gets to swimming lessons - the Man has a quick Building Committee meeting (that reminds me that I need to do a building update soon too) that keeps him from being able to take him...

...a small class - just 4...and 2 of them are friends of Scout already...

...Scout's Breaststroke was so good that they instructor had him demonstrate for the other students...more than once...Scout said he was tired of the Breaststroke...Ha!

...practicing the Crawl - I've said before that Scout is better at this one than I am...

...the Sidestroke...

...some poolside dives - they did running ones too...

...and then pretending to be lifeguards - they'll get more rescue practice as the class goes on - Scout won't be old enough to take the 'real' Lifeguard course for 2 more years...


  1. So awesome! I loved swimming as a kid and love it now and hope Wee One loves it as much as Scout does someday.

  2. Thanks for leaving me a comment...if you ever get a chance to go to British Columbia, take won't be disappointed. The geography is so beautiful!
    PS-Looks like your Scout is doing great at swim lessons!
    Sarah M

  3. Most kids seem to love the swimming pool - I know I did and so did my children.

    They both loved their swimming lessons!

  4. glad you're feeling a bit better! oww....

    love, k

  5. i was a lifeguard and swim teacher through college - i LOVED it!
    now i'm teaching my kiddos to swim. :)