Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Vacation Reading Giveaway

Remember I said I'd give these books away...

I give all the hard covers to the local library - so the I am Hutterite will go there...

But the other three are up for grabs!

1. Just leave a comment telling me which one you want...
2. Leave a comment that you posted about the giveaway on your blog...
3. Leave a comment that you twittered or facebooked the giveaway...

Drawing next Monday...

Good Luck!


  1. Easter Island looks like a cool book, thanks for having this giveaway!

  2. Also, I just tweeted your giveaway :)

  3. hi Teresa! thank you very much for the heads up!!! what a great idea you had. summer is here and reading is just the perfect thing to do (funny thing about reading: i love it during winter time and summer time)
    and because you suggested it when you participated in my giveaway, i'd have to go with "a thousand splendid suns". i got curious about that one and i know i won't be able to buy or find all the books people have been suggesting me so it would be great to get a freebie!


  4. i'll be posting about your giveaway on my blog!

  5. Oh, I'd love a copy of Easter Island. I've just packed up all my books (we're moving) into 42 boxes. Yeah. We have a lot of books. :) But I only have about five out right now, so of course I'd love another one! Teehee. :)

  6. 'Henry's Sisters' would be my choice.

    My own childhood was fraught, difficult and such stories appeal to me. I am an only child and the idea of sisters are to me, what I would have wished for myself. I cared for my mother in her old age and paid for her to have good care despite my childhood. So, sisters returning to support their mother is dear to my heart.

    Also, I have been to Oregon and thought it a lovely place.

    I find stories such as written by Hosseini and the story of Easter Island too difficult to read.

    How lovely to donate 'I Am Hutterite' to your library.

  7. I shared your giveaway on facebook. :) I have one friend who I think would love Easter Island, too. Thanks!

  8. I would love to read A Thousand Splendid Suns.... the Kite Runner was wonderful and I have heard that this one is too!

    Thank you for the wonderful book give away


  9. I love books! I have a book blog in addition to my quilting blog... http://thatssewmandyreads.blogspot.com

    I would love to have any of these books but especially The Easter Island one... or the Splendid Sun... yeah I can't really pick ;) that's what happens when you're a full blown bibliophile!

  10. Easter Island looks good! Or Henry's Sisters-- either one. I've read A Thousand Splendid Suns and I LOVED it. I think I read it in 48 hours, and it is one of my all time favorites. :) Great giveaway!!!

  11. I've read the Kite Runner and would like to read the Thousand Splendid suns. The Easter Island sounds good, too!

  12. oh, goodness!
    if you pick me, you get to pick which book you send me. :)

    my mom and dad have some hutterite friends . . . i should look for that book at my library.

    have a lovely wednesday!

  13. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I'd happily take any of the three! Thanks! :-)

  14. Oh, drats. I was going to pick "I am Hutterite." :-) But, I'm cheering for whoever will be the 3 lucky winners of the other books. And, as a librarian, thanks for gifting your library with IAH!

  15. A thousand splendid suns was a great read! Any of the others would be dandy!

  16. Anonymous1:46 PM

    i've not read any of these and if i won i'd want you to choose the book with the strongest, thought-provoking message.

  17. http://apronstringsandothertiesthatbind.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/vacation-reading-giveaway/

    I blogged your giveaway...

  18. I also shared your giveaway on facebook.