Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vegan Month of Food - or - Vegan MoFo

November is the Vegan Month of Food - and I'm participating over at The Vegan Version on the link above to see the hundreds of other participants...

....but I wanted to post about the Sorrel Soup here - because many of you know Maureen sent me the sorrel...

...and then you watched it grow over the summer - in my makeshift container garden...

...I actually got two 'harvests' out of that little pot of sorrel - the first one went in a salad - which was lovely and lemony - and this last one - just before the snow - went into this soup... hop over to The Vegan Version and check out Maureen's Sorrel Soup...


  1. yum...looks tasty! and just in time for the chilly weather we're having! love, k

  2. I feel so honoured! Off over to see what's what

  3. definetely looks VERY VERY tasty. pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to watch pictures of someone else's food, now I won't stop thinking about it! aahahah

  4. Wow sorrel. I have never tried it, but I think I need to do so soon!
    That soup looks deeelicious!
    Peace, Angela