Sunday, November 21, 2010

...a little bit of line art...

...this was an existing drawing of the Church - probably done about 25 years ago... there is no steeple - the new construction is on the back of the Church and not visible from here...

...but the Secretary wanted and updated drawing for the 25th Anniversary celebration covers - so I just sketched in a steeple and rounded out the tops of the clouds...

...I'm pretty sure I got the proportions and scale about right - I took a picture from about the same angle as the original drawing's it's way too cold to stand outside and draw...and got out my old pen and inks (they've not seen the light of day since we moved here...)...I do love pen and ink drawing...don't you?...


  1. you did a great job!

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    yes, a really nice job! i love pen and ink drawings. it used to be my main art, and people would say "why don't you try color for once?" i had no interest in that! black ink, lines and dots were enough for me!

  3. Yes, I love pen and ink.

    This is a very good drawing - but I particularly love the sky.

  4. Oh wow! I love it! Pen and ink drawings are so romantic. I really enjoy them. xo Angela

  5. yeah, neat transformation!

    love, k

  6. very nice!
    i've never tried pen and ink drawind . . but i love the look of it!

  7. This looks great. Drawing feels so good. I recently got Diana Trout's book Journal Spilling, and I love how freeing it is, especially for putting a permanent ink or paint to the page.