Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frugal use of leftover ingredients....

...if I ever had any doubt that I was making an impression on my child - I need not have worried - I think he'll grow up to be quite frugal - YAY!...

...While we were making the TARTE AUX CERISES, FLAMBÉE - we used canned cherries and they were packed in juice - which we did not use in the recipe - so Scout said - "let's not throw that away - let's make some juice"...

...we tasted it and it was VERY tart - so we added some sugar and some water - and then we had two refreshing glasses of cherry juice to have with our pie...

...a lovely and frugal use of something that would have probably just gone down the drain...


  1. Go Scout! They definitely watch us which can be exciting and a little scary! xo Angela

  2. Great idea, and it looks good too!

  3. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm curious what church you attend -- we belong to the LCMS and my husband went to seminary for his masters; he's now helping out at our church while he gets his PhD. So I sort of know what the life of a pastor's wife is like!

  4. I like the way we use the word 'tart' in some circumstances and the word 'sour' in others - is there a difference I wonder?

    I love the idea of a cherry drink. It surprises me what people throw away, I say (as the family yawn) would you throw away pound notes? Pound notes went out many years ago!

    We all know it's right!!

  5. yes, i see your influence often in that boy!

    love, k

  6. what a great example!