Thursday, November 18, 2010


...y'all know how much I love poetry - I've always got a book of poetry on the bedside table that I'm reading along with my other book(s)...

...and we always read poetry aloud to and with Scout....

...but it's only been with finding these Hiawatha books that his love of poetry has really blossomed...these are beautiful library picture books with selected verses of the Hiawatha poem... we dug out an old copy of the entire poem...I love these classic old books...

...I can still remember how excited I was when one would arrive in the mail - while I was still in high school and college - I spent my precious little bit of money on a whole collection of these books from Black's Readers Service - they came two at a time about every other month...and we have about 50 of these classics... Scout can read the entire poem...I love hearing him read the poem out loud to himself and his dog in his room...sounding out new and strange words...getting the rhythm right...LOVE!


  1. I remember memorizing poems to recite in school - it's such a great skill to be able to read poetry :)

  2. glad you - not so much.

    have fun, love, k

  3. The long story poems are very appealing.

    I love the nonsense poems as well, Edward Lear's The Jumblies is a big fave of mine.

  4. I love rocking at night, with the girls tucked into bed, lights down low, reading poetry to them. Poetry is such a gift, I agree.

    Thank you for today's comment. "Peace" are right. I think following peace is the right path...

    Indiana Lori