Friday, November 12, 2010

A Very Busy Kitchen...

...I wish I had more time to spend on the old blog today...

...but I'm so busy getting ready for the Annual Church Bazaar tomorrow...

...already in the box are some Peanut Butter Cookies...and the Banana Bread from Veganomicon...

...I had just gotten my order of pecans from down south...

...and used some to make a couple of Bryanna's Reliable Pecan Pies...

...and a couple of Bryanna's Pumpkin Pies...

...I made Brownie Bites again...

...I doubled the recipe and made them in a pan to slice into squares - I hope they turn out ok that way...

...and I took the leftover pie dough bits and made some little pecan shortbread cookies for the Man - because he likes Pecan Sandies so much... the Bazaar is tomorrow - I'll be back later to post some pictures of the completed items I'm sure...


  1. Yum! Now I am hungry!

  2. Yummy! You definitely deserve a break this weekend ;)

  3. That all looks so delicious. I'm tempted to go get baking. And to think I was trying to cut back on sweets... :)

  4. ummmm, i think it all looks perfect and wish i lived close to that lucky church ;)

  5. wow! those look great! you were busy today!

  6. Your amazing! That all looks wonderful!

  7. This all looks pretty spiffy! I love pecans as well, made a pecan pie for the first time earlier this year and we loved it!

    I remember back in the late 1950's, My aunt grew a pumpkin and made a 'pumpkin pie. She made it the same way we would make an apple pie - slices of 'fruit' and pastry. It was not a success!

    Hoever, yours look lovely. I grew some small pumpkins this year and I intend to try it.

  8. Wow!! It all looks so yummy:-)

    Your church sure is lucky to have you!!!

    Have fun at the Bazaar,

  9. Your baked goods will be a hit at the bazaar I'm sure! Now I need to go fetch a snack.....LOL.

  10. lovely....particularly the little heart bits for the man!

    love, k