Thursday, June 02, 2011

Playing with Fire...again...

...since school has been out...Scout has been asking to make coloured fire again... we went to Stuff Mart and gathered our supplies...

...and made some pretty coloured fire...

There really is no 'recipe' - but Scout dictated his formulas...

GREEN = Boric Acid - commonly sold as Roach Killer in most hardware stores or in cosmetics department at Wal-Mart

BLUE = No Salt or just burn the Heet Antifreeze by itself - it burns blue

YELLOW = Table Salt - it will need to dissolve for a longer time

Light ORANGE = Epsom Salts - also will need to dissolve longer


  1. I think I know what my thirteen year old and I will be doing as soon as we can burn. We have to have a little rain first since it's too dry to burn. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  2. Super cool! My kids would love this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Whoa, these are awesome! I'm totally going to try this out. Do you just put the ingredients in jars and light it?

  4. The colors are so vivid and beautiful. Owen will want to do this as well ~ thank you for including the details on how to make it happen!