Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...the end of the garden...

...we've been to the garden...one last time this year...to dig up all the root vegetables...and gather the last of the winter squash...

...the potatoes are safely stored in their flats in the unheated laundry room as always...

...the carrots have had their tops removed, been scrubbed and are filling one entire vegetable bin in the fridge...

...the greens from the tops of the turnips are all simmering away on the stovetop right now...stinking up the house really...

...I know Scout will come home from school today...and say...'what is that awful smell?'...the second he walks in the front door...HA!

...and it was such a good year for the butternut squash...they practically took over the garden...I've already taken several nice ones from that first fall harvest to church to give away...and I've got more than enough to last us all winter...I'm going to store them and the potatoes in the laundry room for a while...if I think they're starting to go bad...I'll bake them and put them into the freezer...I can't do that right now as the freezer is full to the brim...

...and believe it or not...I found some more tomatoes...what a lovely surprise...

...and I'm soaking up all this gorgeous fall sunshine...

...how about you?...is your garden finished for the year...or do you have some fall gardening still to do?...


  1. What a wonderful bunch of lovely vegetables. I am sure they are even more delicious knowing you grew them! :-)

  2. Very impressive harvest. I have lots of kale, a great winter veg, it stays in the ground and can be picked a few leaves from each plant and should give lots of meals.

    Also purple sprouting broccoli which will be ready late winter.

    I also think my chard will do well over the winter.

    I love turnip tops and beetroot tops. Very few people here eat them - I've even had people tell me they are poisonous - 'there's now't so queer as folk' as my old gran would have said.

  3. I picked my last few tomatoes as well! Looks like you've had a good garden year!

  4. Beautiful. Yummy. Colorful.

  5. What a bounty you had this year!

  6. oh, yum...i want those tomatoes!!! love, k

  7. Wow. I'm impressed. Our garden was pitiful this year, too hot and too dry.

  8. garden glories!

    and i am laughing about scout coming home and saying it stinks - my kids do predictable things like that, too. :)