Thursday, May 31, 2012

...New bushes...

...the north side of our house was kinda bare...

...but our neighbor (have I mentioned how awesome my neighbor is...)was changing up some of her landscaping and getting rid of some she offered us her holly bushes...

...we promptly planted them along the bare side of our house...hoping they'll do well there...'re just continuing to make home a little more 'homey'...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I think it's those little things that really add up over time!

  2. I love when people share their cast off plants, that is how I ended up with have of my yard planted!

  3. Interesting you should mention holly bushes. We have a holly tree (grown up bush) where a thrush was perched singing its evening song. We were watering a plant and chatting when the thrush flew down and skimmed my man's head, making him jump.

    I know it's a remote link but it's about holly.

  4. I had to take out 2 dwarf pines right on my front walk this year. I tried for 2 years to rescue them, but their lifespan is over. I replaced them with 2 Holly bushes last week. Love them! Such great texture and color!

  5. Those are the best plants as they are already acclimated!